Доброкачественное образование

На этой неделе наше бюро приняло участие в Международной конференции по новым образовательным технологиям #EdCrunch. В центре главных событий трека, посвященного дизайну и архитектуре, второй год подряд оказалась Анна Шапиро, наш главный специалист по школам. Вполне вероятно, что на одной из следующих конференций на она же будет презентовать школу "Летово" - один из самых громких образовательных проектов Москвы - как уже построенный современный комплекс.


«Символ» стал символом стенда «Донстроя»

Стенд компании «Донстрой» на выставке «Недвижимость от лидеров», которая проходит в ЦДХ до 20 марта включительно, оформлен в стиле квартала «Свобода» жилого комплекса «Символ», спроектированного бюро «Атриум» на территории бывшего завода «Серп и молот»: характерную графику фасадов повторяют и стойка ресепшн, и выразительная стена с рекламой комплекса. Сравните


«Архитектурный потенциал» наших проектов

Объекты «Атриума» на выставке в ЦДА

18 декабря бюро «Атриум» приняло участие в выставке «Архитектурный потенциал». В экспозиции было представлено три наших проекта: «Земля Олонхо», «Детский сад-облако» и офисный центр в Каланчевском тупике – по соседству с Комсомольской площадью. Кроме того, архитекторы Вера Бутко и Антон Надточий приняли участие в профессиональной дискуссии с участниками выставки по теме «Постконкурсный синдром». На фото – конкурсный проект-победитель офисного центра.


«Атриум» завоевывает Китай

До 4 марта в Шэньчжэне будет проходить 6-я Биеннале Урбанистики и Архитектуры, на которой впервые Россия выступает с отдельным павильоном. Кураторы – Андрей и Никита Асадовы – привезли сюда часть экспозиции с прошедшего осенью «Зодчества-2015»: тема фестиваля «Новые индустрии» оказалась созвучной китайской – «Возвращая жизнь городам». Среди десяти лучших российских проектов, переосмысляющих существующие пространства, оказалась и наша концепция комплекса в Якутии «Земля Олонхо».
Официальный сайт биеннале


About symbols and signs

Another “double shot” at the festival “Zodchestvo-2015

At the beginning of October in the Central House of Artists on the Krymskiy val str. passed an architectural festival "Zodchestvo-2015" - and the bureau "Atrium", partly to his own surprise, acted as a powerful "double finale": our work has been presented not only with the project "Olonkholand" but also with new "Symbol" - the first stage of a large-scale development project of the former territory of the factory SIM, which deals with "Donstroy." They just presented the project at the festival, thanks to which we have become almost the only bureau that acted in the main exhibition with two works at once. It is very symbolic, as it seems. For details of the "Symbol" visit our website in the near future!


Form and Beauty live

The videorecord of Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko's lecture at the “Rodnya” club

The festival "Zodchestvo", which starts on the 1st of October, the Moscow school of architecture "March" will present a large lecture and discussion program. In particular, the there will be presented summer and winter schools' programs and the courses' tutors will be introduces. Architects of "Atrium" were invited to teach a course for Masters of the first year - at the beginning of September, they presented their studio project "Re-Formation" at the Open Day. In the meantime, we offer you to watch the video of summer lecture at "Rodnya" club in which Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochiy talk about their key approaches to shaping and design.

Lecture for MARSH, summer 2015 from on Vimeo.


New Heights of “Barkli Park” and “Vodniy” projects

Projects of “Atrium” on the Forum of a unique and high-rise construction in Yekaterinburg

From 23 to 25 September 2015 in the capital of the Urals was held an international congress "100+ Forum Russia", dedicated to the design, construction, financing and operation of high-rise and unique buildings of any destination, where the uniqueness is meant, first and foremost, as an effective application of the architectural and engineering solutions.
This year, the forum was attended by leading Russian and Western architects and designers of unique and high-rise buildings, head of the city administration officials, investors, developers and design engineers and specialized organizations involved in the construction of high-rise and unique buildings in Russia and all over the world.

"Atrium" was invited to participate in the round table "The uniqueness of all", which was moderated by General Director of the TATLIN publishing house Eduard Kubenskiy. Along with the performances, including foreign architects, who represented projects of Sport City Tower in Doha and Majunga tower in the Paris business district La Defense, the general director of our architectural studio Anton Nadtochiy told the audience about the features of projects of residential complex "Barkley Park" (with the original console, several options facades and applied "green" technologies) and trade complex "Vodniy" in which plastic high-rise building is not achieved due to finish, but through working with volumes.
More about Barkli Park project

More about Vodniy project


“Atrium” develops “New industries”

From the 1st to 3rd of October 2015, our architectural firm will participate in the festival “Zodchestvo-2015”.

The main theme of this year's festival, which, as well as the last, is supervised by architects Andrew and Nikita Asadov, will be "successful practice of urban development" with the planting of new meanings and functions to the arears that have been abandoned or not mastered yet. "Architecture is becoming an instrument of anti-crisis measures, facilitating the tactful introduction of new industries in the settlement’s fabric," - wrote curators in their manifesto.
In this context, our office will show "Olonkholand" - competition project and the study on the creation of an ethnographic park of 40 hectares in the Republic of Sakha. The rate in the project made to the cultural function, and the architecture and the landscape are generated by local rich traditions, national culture and unique nature.
To take part in the festival, we had brought from Yakutia our beautiful layout that curators placed in a specially made case. So we’ve got a "case-in-case" - be sure to come and see!



The 22nd International Festival Zodchestvo is going to be held in Gostiny Dvor on 18-20 December.
During the second day of the festival, on December 19th at 13:00-14:00, Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochiy will take part in the discussion "Challenge of the times and the architectural profession".
In the festival's exhibition-competition segment "Architecture. Built" “Barkli Park”, educational sport complex and apartment block is going to be shown.
An installation entitled "Genetic code" is presented in the thematic exhibit "On Identity". It showcases the principles for the generation of forms of the "Olonkholand" complex, designed during the Olonkholand competition in 2014.
Also, a collage done by our architect Natalia Sablina for a competition "Russian Character" can be seen there.




In may, ARCHMOSCOW and 4th architectural biennale took its place in Central House of Artist in Moscow. The exhibition was divided into different categories, such as architecture, exterior and interior, light in architecture and small forms. Atrium could not resist to take a participation in such big event and presented it's multifunctional center and residentional complex Barkli Park. Also, Atrium presented "Archstone" (dynamic form, that at the end of the past century gave start to a new vision in design and architecture).