The key issue of our architecture is how you read it and decode

Anton Nadtochiy



Eco-friendliness of Yandex HQ is recognized by experts

Our project of the Yandex office has received two awards at once in the competition “Ecotectonica”

The results of the All-Russian competition in the field of green architecture and construction, organized by the “National Agency for sustainable development”, has been announced on September 5 at the festival in the ecological park “Yasno Pole” in the Tula region. However, at this moment the whole “Atrium” team was enjoying the works of Zaha Hadid at the State Hermitage Museum, so the award has found the winner just now! And it turned out that the “green” in every sense of the word office of “Yandex” HQ on the street by Lev Tolstoy won not just one, but two prizes: 1st place in the category “Interior” and the third – in the special nomination “Grand Prix”. From the 174 works the jury chose us! ecotectonica_1.jpg By the way, we are always enthusiastically watching how live our projects “after the date” – in particular, constantly communicating with the “Yandex” staff and sharing each other's success. Wondering how are green walls (bloom and smell!). And in preparation of the information for the competition we have, for example, found that the headquarters of the largest Russian IT-company practices separate waste collection and there is a special person responsible for the disposal of batteries. So our environmental ideas implemented in this project, continue to live and grow. Hooray! ecotectonica_2.jpg


Some more information about Zodchestvo festival

Награждение Антон Надточий инсталляция по мотивам конкурсного проекта "Земля Олонхо"


Forms of our architecture are not mechanical, it is handmade by the author who evaluates all the conditions

Vera Butko




Trip to the Singapore – the prize from Knauf

Interiors of Vodnyi trade-center get the prize of Knauf – the ticket to Singapore to the WAF. Here are photos made by chief architect of the project панорама Сингапура сады Сингапура

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