The key issue of our architecture is how you read it and decode

Anton Nadtochiy


Over «I cant't»: a new article about Atrium studio at the archspeech-website

A detailed presentation of our chief architect Anna Shapiro's master-class about the school architecture

If you remember, this fall the architect of our bureau Anna Shapiro participated in an educational conference EdCrunch. On the architectural portal archspeech came the long-awaited publication of this: in a hurry to find out all the details click <ahref="" target = “_blank”>here edcrunch_shapiro.jpg


Form and Beauty live

The videorecord of Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko's lecture at the “Rodnya” club

The festival “Zodchestvo”, which starts on the 1st of October, the Moscow school of architecture “March” will present a large lecture and discussion program. In particular, the there will be presented summer and winter schools' programs and the courses' tutors will be introduces. Architects of “Atrium” were invited to teach a course for Masters of the first year – at the beginning of September, they presented their studio project “Re-Formation” at the Open Day. In the meantime, we offer you to watch the video of summer lecture at “Rodnya” club in which Vera Butko and Anton Nadtochiy talk about their key approaches to shaping and design.

Lecture for MARSH, summer 2015 from on Vimeo.


New Heights of “Barkli Park” and “Vodniy” projects

Projects of “Atrium” on the Forum of a unique and high-rise construction in Yekaterinburg

forum100_1 From 23 to 25 September 2015 in the capital of the Urals was held an international congress «100+ Forum Russia», dedicated to the design, construction, financing and operation of high-rise and unique buildings of any destination, where the uniqueness is meant, first and foremost, as an effective application of the architectural and engineering solutions. forum100_2 This year, the forum was attended by leading Russian and Western architects and designers of unique and high-rise buildings, head of the city administration officials, investors, developers and design engineers and specialized organizations involved in the construction of high-rise and unique buildings in Russia and all over the world.
forum100_3 “Atrium” was invited to participate in the round table “The uniqueness of all”, which was moderated by General Director of the TATLIN publishing house Eduard Kubenskiy. Along with the performances, including foreign architects, who represented projects of Sport City Tower in Doha and Majunga tower in the Paris business district La Defense, the general director of our architectural studio Anton Nadtochiy told the audience about the features of projects of residential complex “Barkley Park” (with the original console, several options facades and applied “green” technologies) and trade complex “Vodniy” in which plastic high-rise building is not achieved due to finish, but through working with volumes. forum100_4 More about Barkli Park project
More about Vodniy project


The architectural language is out of mimetic but it has form

Vera Butko

Modern architectural forms and current Russian standards

Can they со-exist? On the educational conference EdCrunch “Atrium” iniciated a whole master class dedicated to this problem.

Edcrunch1 13–15 October 2015 International Conference EdCrunch on new educational technologies was held in Moscow for the second time. And for the first time the theme part “Architecture and design of educational programs.” During two intense days the leaders of the largest architectural firms in Russia and Europe, as well as teachers, the education system managers and investors were discussing difficult issues. In what direction should be changed schools' architecture and design? And what prevents these changes from being implemented? Edcrunch2 To keep one of the most interesting sessions – that is whether applicable in the Russian reality are modern architectural solutions for schools that we see in the projects of Western architects – the chief architect of bureau “Atrium” Anna Shapiro was invited. Edcrunch3 On the examples of realized and being projected objects – including projects of a boarding school in Kozhukhovo, school in Shchukino, cadet corps and Letovo school in New Moscow – Anna deftly dispelled myths about the “impossibility of anything and everything”, shared the experience of working with Examination bodies, spoke about what really you can not do – and what, if desired, and having a certain ingenuity you're still able to realize. Edcrunch4 We look forward to a detailed report on the conference on our friedly media-resources shortly!


'Re-Formation' in MARSH

The Moscow School of Architecture hosted a presentation of master design studio.

The MARSH school has invited “Atrium”'s headers to lead one of the design studios for the first year students of Magistracy. September 10, 2015, at the Open Day, dedicated to just design studios, Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko presented their studio 'Re-Formation ", in which they offer future architects to focus on the process of creation and the birth of form. To think about what justified a formal decision – function plot, the criteria of appropriateness, the author's idea? What are the means and tools enjoyed the architect when designing forms, defined as iconic? What is its specificity, depending on the type of building? Can a building be iconic and does not stand out of context?
During the course of study, which will be held in the second half of the training year, students will have to find answers to these questions and apply them to specific objects. These are objects of public, social and residential functions on the basis of developing master-plan of the village for 10 thousand of residents. The village founded in a unique lake region is strategically located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and one of the Russian developers in the near future plans to turn it into a new tourist cluster.
The same developer being very interested in the future village's architecture of really high quality, mandatory for 'Re-Formations's participants will organize a special tour to the place. After all, studio's leaders are convinced that the form – this is the answer to solve the problem, growing out of the aggregate function and context, place and circumstances. And visiting local scenic area, students will be able to learn the most important skill of the architect – the choice of a formal strategy. It determines the quality of the architectural object as a piece of art.


School design at EdCrunch conference

There will be a big international b2b conference about education in Moscow on 14–15th of September. It is called EdCrunch About 40 speakers from aroun the world, 5 themes and 1000 guests. Our colleague Anna Shapiro will give an interactive mater-class “Contemporary school design and local codes, how to merge it” Shukinoschool

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