In the beginning was the Space!

This is exactly how we interpret the famous line which defines the basis for existence. Everything in this world begins with space. Space gives birth to form, and form saturates reality with content and gives meaning and freedom for emotions and impressions. We believe that space can inspire!

We strive to ensure that our projects become new symbols of their place and their time, centers of attraction and new cultural heritage sites. Our own approach to the art of architecture includes not only a high level of professionalism, but also additional artistic value that arises as a result of a painstaking quest for the perfect form. We design a lively, visually diverse, and informative environment, in order to create a new quality of life.

25 years of design experience

At the heart of a successful architectural office lie unique artistic strategies, courtesy of Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko, ATRIUM’S directors and creative leaders. The essence of these strategies consists of an individual approach to each project as well as in an artistic rethinking of functional and spatial objectives.
The accumulated 25 years of experience in projects of various scales and typologies, as well as the organisation, brilliant staff and state-of-the-art equipment of the company allow us to successfully implement most complex and large-scale projects to the smallest detail.

Team of 100 professionals

We are a team of like-minded people: architects, urban planners, designers, landscape specialists, visualizers, structural engineers, and managers.
The format of office organization allows to involve each team member in the creative process and collectively find best solutions. At our projects we act as a general designer and take responsibility for every stage of design process - from idea conception to its implementation.


  • Anton Nadtochiy

  • Vera Butko

Directors and partners

  • Alexey Kalashnikov

  • Gennady Nadtochiy

  • Dmitry Vladimirov

  • Maria Getmanchuk

  • Petr Alimov

  • Sergey Nadtochiy

  • Tatiana Evdokimova

  • Yanna Vorontsova


  • Alina Semenova

  • Anastasia Solomko

  • Victoria Gaidai

  • Evgenia Zhuravleva

  • Elena Grigoryeva

  • Elena Pavlova

  • Alexandra Kutsenko

  • Natalya Zhestkova

  • Natasha Kushmanova

  • Oksana Ishmatova

  • Olga Kuznetsova

  • Sergei Mikhailov

  • Julia Popandopula

  • Yulia Shishalova

Lead architects

  • Aykaz Papertyan

  • Alexander Dietrich

  • Alexander Konovalov

  • Alexander Sechenov

  • Alexander Chvilev

  • Alexandra Rendarenko

  • Alexey Kunko

  • Alexey Sorokin

  • Alina Shtompel

  • Almira Shagiakhmetova

  • Anastasia Galutkina

  • Andrey Sizyuk

  • Anna Alenicheva

  • Artem Shakhmaev

  • Vasily Azarenkov

  • Victoria Sailaonova

  • Vladimir Eremeev

  • Daniil Gavrish

  • Daria Belyakova

  • Dmitry Khudenkikh

  • Ekaterina Zvereva

  • Ekaterina Kotlova

  • Elizaveta Malakhova

  • Ilya Kondratiev

  • Nadezhda Akayemova

  • Natalia Yagnyukova

  • Natalia Zubovich

  • Nikita Kuchinsky

  • Nikita Rybin

  • Nikolai Piyanin

  • Olga Romanova

  • Polina Chirkina

  • Polina Yavna

  • Roman Kuzmin

  • Roman Khorev

  • Svetlana Makarova

  • Svetlana Khairova

  • Tatiana Sokolskikh

  • Tatiana Taratuta

  • Elza Shikhragimova

  • Yulia Zykina

  • Julia Mazurova

  • Yulia Ranneva

  • Iurii Uymanov


  • Alexander Komissarov

  • Alexandra Demchuk

  • Alexandra Smirnova

  • Alexey Samokhvalov

  • Alina Fedoseeva

  • Alisa Silantieva

  • Anastasia Vasilkova

  • Anastasia Kudrina

  • Andrey Kalmykov

  • Anna Vorobieva

  • Anna Tebenikhina

  • Arina Latsushba

  • Artem Karpets

  • Valeria Mukhtarova

  • Vasily Kosenchuk

  • Vitaliya Sokolova

  • Daniel Vlasenko

  • Daniil Klukhin

  • Daria Bulanova

  • Daria Radaeva

  • Jalol Khasanov

  • Diana Mingazova

  • Dilyara Khamidulina

  • Elizaveta Ivochkina

  • Ivan Kirin

  • Ivan Proselkov

  • Ivan Khripkov

  • Ilya Pilyugaev

  • Irina Kravchenko

  • Ksenia Matveeva

  • Margarita Zykova

  • Marina Solodovnikova

  • Matvey Naumov

  • Natalya Yudina

  • Olga Efimova

  • Olga Kozak

  • Rashid Gilfanov

  • Regina Shamatova

  • Sargylaana Mylakhova

  • Sofia Veselova

  • Tatiana Rogozina

  • Timofey Zhilin

  • Ellina Poltavtseva

  • Yulia Ivanchenko

  • Yana Oshkina

  • Yana Hantsevich

  • Yasmina Gimadaeva


  • Alina Ten

  • Albina Vakhitova

  • Anton Epifanov

  • Dmitry Zhukov

  • Elena Malinovskaya

  • Irina Kagaykina

  • Kirill Fomichev

  • Costas Lajos

  • Yulia Akimova

More than 200 projects

Our landscape, interior and urban environment designs are unique spaces that provide a vivid visual experience. Our projects are functional, ergonomic, and technological. They set high consumer and professional standards. From private houses to urban planning projects, they are responsive to their context and specifications.
Our projects are a source of pride for us and our clients, with whom we build long-term, partnerships and close professional relationships. Striving for the best outcome and taking into account the needs of the client, together we overcome all the difficulties that may arise in the process of project development. We are interested in exploring new national and cultural contexts, therefore, the geography of our projects stretches from Moscow to Kaliningrad and Yakutsk and from Tbilisi to Almaty.

Continuous development

Moving at the forefront of Russian architecture and design, we are constantly learning and mastering the latest technologies: BIM, VR, parametrics, 3D printing, etc. We are constantly experimenting, developing our skills, and moving forward. We follow the latest trends of modern world and Russian architecture as well as aim to acquire important experience of cooperation with leading architecture studios from Europe, the USA and Japan.
We actively participate in the development of architects’ professional environment and quality of architecture in Russia, always eager to share our experience: we teach, give presentations and lectures, participate in exhibitions and support educational and professional initiatives. ATRIUM’s projects are published in professional publications, catalogues and guidebooks. The Tatlin publishing house has published two monographs dedicated to the works of ATRIUM. Many of our projects have been repeatedly awarded with Russian and international prizes, and the studio itself has won many closed and open architectural competitions.

Our clients

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