Over the years of practice, a universal approach has been developed to meet the diverse requirements of customers. The method consists of using a wide variety of software products. A variety of of software products and approaches allows ATRIUM to achieve high-quality and quick results, as well as give more specialists the tools to realize themselves.

The main task of the ATRIUM BIM department is the ability to link all software products together. The constant exchange of data without additional labor costs is an important feature of the company's work. Various visual programming solutions such as Dynamo for Revit / Civil 3D, Grasshopper for Rhino, RailClone for 3dsMax and others are used to link data with each other and accelerate work within programs.


We select the optimal tool for each design stage. Rhino has recently become the main program for developing concepts - as the center of design and interconnection of various products. But Autodesk Revit helps to work out the project more precisely and evaluate its performance after the approval of the first sketches.

If it is convenient to work out layouts in Revit, then Rhino combines work on finding a form and development for landscaping with constant output to graphic programs for visualizing the results.

In later stages of design, Revit comes into play again, where the building information model is formed with the participation of designers, engineers, technologists and fire consultants. The information model is created taking into account the design standards, as well as the customer's requirements for the calculation and analysis of elements of the project.

Working on a project in several programs with a large number of specialists requires high-quality coordination of models, the consolidation of the team's work results in a single data environment, which is constantly updating. Autodesk's Revit Server and BIM360 handle these tasks. And to check the design quality in the information model, we use Autodesk Navisworks, as well as the Solibry Model Checker.