Bar table + rack + partition, plywood

We believe that the way to solve the problem of sustainability and improve people's lives is by embodying artistic value to spaces and objects.

"River" develops this theme from the point of view of reusing an idea and sustainability as a stable state of the object. The form of the object is based on a landscape pattern of one of our projects, the “Green River” park in Lefortovo, which, in turn, was inspired by a grid of smooth, curved lines in river deltas. From the horizontal plane, this pattern was raised to the vertical one, forming a four-layered shape of the table leg. The bending of each of the layers of plywood and its fixation with several countertops provide rigidity and good distribution of vertical compressional load. Three legs, arranged in the shape of a three-pointed star, are the minimum necessary condition for creating a stable structure.

The table itself is considered as a module for creating functionally and visually more complex structures. So, from two modules stacked on top of each other, a bookcase is formed; several racks placed in a row form a partition; even more modules - any form according to the fractal principle.

Plywood was chosen as the material for manufacturing as it is one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly materials that is easy to purchase almost anywhere in the world, and the milling technique is the most accurate and common in modern workshops.

The object can be delivered ready-made or sent to the buyer in the form of a CAD drawing for self-manufacturing of parts and assembly that does not require any improvised means. By optimizing logistics, the facility's carbon footprint is reduced.

Designed and produced in collaboration with Studiola furniture workshop - studiola.ru