ATRIUM exposition “Perspectives” at ARCH Moscow 2023 exhibition

As part of the International Exhibition ARCH Moscow 2023, we presented an exposition that articulates the theme of perspectives and explores different formats of representation and multi-layered reflections on the idea of our projects. 

Experimenting with the scale of form and drawings, materials and virtual models, we find new perspectives of project perception and new meanings. We invited the viewers of our object to come up with their own "perspective" of interpreting the project.

For the experiment we chose the project of towers for the Symbol housing estate in Lefortovo neighbourhood. The buildings turned at different angles create a dynamic composition in the centre of the district not only by their mass, but also by the changing silhouette of the empty space between them. The shape of the towers conveys this concept by mirroring the contour of the roof and foundation. This composition is particularly multifaceted when the viewers move between the buildings, involving them in a continuous process of transformation of space and forms. The residential complex has already been realised and continues to develop the futuristic look of the area on the former territory of the Sickle and Hammer factory.

The vertical panels were realised by Surface Laboratory, a company specialising in the production of large-format SuperMaxi porcelain stoneware for facades and interiors in Russia.