The concept of residential development of the Aleksandrovsky car-repair plant

The wave of active reconsideration and renovation of industrial areas has reached the aglomeration of the northern capital. This time the focus was on the wagon-repair plant "Sofia" that is located very close to the former imperial residence in Tsarskoye Selo. According to the technical project of the competition for the concept of integrated development of the territory, in the plot of 22 hectares it was supposed to place residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, business and cultural centers, schools, kindergartens, clubs for kids and adults' education, shopping and entertainment center, sports center, Museum and square. It was necessary to find a balanced solution to the opposite, at first glance, tasks: to provide the necessary social facilities - at a given density of buildings;to create a modern district - simultaneously working in the historic environment; to form an affordable and open areas - and concern about their safety. A main feature of the project was to be the integration of historic buildings - the building of the plant "pavilion Uritskogo" and "locomotive shed at 4 stalls station Imperial Pavilion".