Green River park in the residential complex Symbol

From the very beginning, the territory of the former "Sickle and Hammer" plant was planned to be turned into a new urban oasis, making a continuation of greened public areas along the Yauza and Lefortovo Park. The park areas in the new complex are allocated 40% of the total building area (more than 29 hectares), and according to the concept, which won the international competition, the district was to cross the "green river" - a boulevard 2 km long, on the undulating axis of which the majority of quarters and public spaces of the complex. Not without reason in 2016 "Symbol" topped the rating of the greenest metropolitan LCDs according to the analysts of the Urban Awards. After the design of ATRIUM architects of the 1st stage of the residential development of "Symbol", the logical continuation of cooperation with the company "Donstroy" was the project of this "green river" and the landscape solution of the whole complex.